Friends & Family

Throughout our journey we’ve crossed path’s with makers, builders, and collaborators who we feel share our ethos. We’re thankful for these relationships, and we wanted to create a place where we could pay it forward and tune you in to some friends we think you may feel the same about…

Jonathan Clay:
Although we try our hand from time to time, we’re much better songwriters than we are chef’s.  That’s part of the reason why we’re so in awe when watching a pit master at work.  When we met Breck McBride (the founder of Comal), heard his story, and tasted his fajitas, we were hooked.  The dude loves what he does, and you can taste it in the food.  We believe in this company and what they’re doing so much that we actually invested in them. Give them a try for yourself. Our bet is that you’ll be glad you did.

From the streets of San Fran to the San Juan Islands, our adventures with the founders (Rich, Andy & Ben) of Huckberry are ongoing. They love live music as much as they love the outdoors, and they’re setting an example we could all take note from.

We’ve always had an interest in whiskey. Yes, it’s great to drink, but we’ve also been interested in the distillation and creation of spirits. What started as mutual adoration turned in to a full on collaboration, and we found ourselves working with Oak & Eden to create our very own Jamestown Revival Round Prairie Rye whiskey. What makes O&E unique is their bottle finishing – putting oak inside the actual bottle. The impact on flavor that the oak imparts is undeniable, and we feel like the complexity it creates is hard to beat. Grab yourself a bottle and take a nip.

When we first met Paul (the founder of Tecovas), they were operating out of a tiny office and a storage unit. Fast forward 6 years, and they just opened their flagship store on Congress Ave in Austin. Despite the massive growth, they’re still the kind, approachable, home-town guys we have come to know and love. If you’re serious about your boots, you should give them a serious look.

They started in the 70’s as footwear for Oregon loggers, and we’ve been rocking these boots long before Reese Witherspoon donned them in ‘wild’. It’s no surprise to see them coming back in to the fold in a bigger way than they ever have. We’re fans of indestructible, incredibly well-made things, and the Mountain Lights are one of their many boots that fit that bill. We’ve literally worn them from the hiking trail straight to stage.

Count yourself lucky if you’re able to work with your friends. Paul is one of our dearest. He’s been capturing JR through a camera lens since we were sleeping in the back of the car at truck stops (and he experienced some of those nights with us first hand to boot). Not only has he had a tremendous positive impact on our life, he’s one hell of a photographer. Truth be told, he may very well be the reason we moved out to California years ago.

When we set out to record UTAH, we had no studio and no budget. We were cobbling together gear from friends, and we still had a major shortage. We knew we wanted to use big. vintage-style, ribbon microphones, and the company who does that better than anyone else is AEA. The founder (Wes Dooley) knows more about the old RCA designs than anyone else on the planet. We reached out to Wes (who is an absolute legend in his own right), and the man personally responded to us – telling us how much he loved our demo’s, and that he wanted to help support our recording process. From there the relationship evolved, and at this point its safe to say that AEA microphones have been responsible for the majority of the Jamestown Revival studio sound. Our vocal mics? Zach: AEA A440. Jonathan: KU4.

I’d owned watches before, but I’d never owned a watch that felt like an extension of my arm.  I’d never owned a watch that became part of my daily routine; something I couldn’t leave the house without.  I only share that kind of fondness and dependency for my pocket knife.  That was until we crossed paths with Bremont.  At first, we were intrigued by the heritage, and their backgrounding in aviation.  After putting on my Bremont watch, it became personal.  It truly is a fine timepiece, but it’s also one that I wear everywhere from the stage to the woodworking shop.  It takes the bumps and bruises of daily use in stride, and one day when I pass this watch down it will tell a hell of a story.

We’ve always been incredibly hands on when it comes to our band. We’ve designed many of our own album covers, and even built and maintained our own website for a while. In 2021 we crossed paths with ILMD Creative, and finally felt like we’d found the team who could be an extension of our vision. Most importantly, they took the lead on all things digital design, and allowed us to spend more time doing what we love: writing and creating music. ILMD is now the digital design and creative force helping to drive Jamestown Revival forward.